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Lasix from the drug class of loop diuretics does not let the human body to absorb too much salt. Excessive amount of salt can cause various health conditions such as prehypertension, hypertension, edema, kidney function impairment and overload on the heart.

With the help of diuretic a person gets rid of excessive salt which is eliminated naturally in the urine.

Lasix is marketed in the form of tablets in dosage strengths of 20, 40 and 80mg of the active component Furosemide which is approved for use in patients as safe and effective loop diuretic.

Furosemide is an anthramilic acid derivative for oral administration.

Lasix indications:

  • fluid retention (edema) in patients with diagnosed congestive heart failure, liver disease, or a kidney disorder;
  • edema in patients with nephrotic syndrome;
  • hypertension

Lasix is prescribed for different medical conditions including heart failure, hepatic cirrhosis, and renal disease as a single therapy or as an adjunct therapy to manage the cerebral edema to reduce the water in the body.

Some forms of severe hypercalcemia are also treated with Lasix used with other medical agents.


Lasix is contraindicated for patients who cannot urinate properly or have urination problems of various types. It is not used in patients who are too sensitive or responsive to Furosemide or in patients with allergic reactions to the main component.

Pregnant or breast-feeding women are not prescribed Lasix as it may affect their conditions badly.

Lasix dose suggested by a doctor can be corrected during the treatment especially in the beginning of it. The dose correction is necessary to find the best way to help a person and improve the treatment results with the considerations of side effects avoidance.

Larger doses than recommended can significantly impair normal function of the body systems and organs. Large doses taken at once can even result in baldness.

The use of Lasix may not be comfortable for you especially in the first days of the treatment. The medicine causes the frequent need to urinate, so you should be ready for this effect.

The medicine can cause fast dehydration, you should drink the amount of liquid recommended by your doctor. Regular visits to your doctor are usually needed to evaluate the progress of the treatment, change the dose or correct it.

Lasix is a prescription medication that should be taken only to treat certain medical conditions. Do not self-treat yourself or use this medicine for other purposes.

The dose of Lasix should be used once or twice a day as long as your doctor suggests. The last dose of the medicine should not be used just before bed, try to use it at day time to prevent frequent need to urinate at night.

Some patients may be recommended to take mineral supplements during the treatment with Lasix or soon afterward.

You can take Lasix with or without food.

Lasix dose for hypertension is 40 mg taken two times a day. The change in the dose is possible with accordance to the patient’s response.

Lasix dose for edema treatment can start from 20 mg per day and end up to 400-600 mg per day. Edema should be carefully controlled and properly treated to prevent serious health conditions.